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Designed and Created by Master Craftsmen

Designed and created with the same highly experienced team behind Circle Y saddles, High Horse delivers American made craftsmanship and quality at affordable prices. From lightweight Cordura trail saddles to eye-catching barrel designs, you'll find a comfortable saddle you love. High Horse saddles benefit from the experience and research of Circle Y, with American made saddle trees designed for optimal fit for any breed.


Circle Y Saddles, Inc., America’s Leading Saddle Brand, celebrated 60 years of saddle making in 2020

We began manufacturing in the small town of Yoakum, Texas, in 1960. With a vision to build the finest saddles possible, founder Leland Tucker created Circle Y from the ground up. Since then, we've carried on with traditions of excellence, always striving to make the best saddles possible. Circle Y saddles are all still made in Yoakum, TX, by a team of expert craftsmen who combine decades of knowledge and new technology to meet the needs of riders. Our accomplished Team of Champions and dedicated I Ride Circle Y members continue to inspire us to make the best Western saddles for every rider.


The Circle Y Makers

Circle Y attributes the success of the brand to its family of employees. With a deep sense of community and pride in their work, the Circle Y team boasts a combined total of over 1,500 years of experience.“We are definitely proud of the fact that we have been around for 50 years, but we are most proud of our craftsmen.

The longevity of our workforce says a lot about the integrity of the brand,” said Mark Jemelka, chief operating officer of Circle Y Saddles


Meet Our President

Steve Tucker

Since 2003, under the new ownership of Steve Tucker, saddle maker, rider, and founder of Tucker Trail Saddles, Circle Y has progressed to be the world’s leader in product design, innovation, and quality.


Today, we continue to handcraft high-quality saddles and tack with the heritage, tradition, and care the company was founded on. Establishing this with stylish and innovative products, Circle Y products reflect the current trends in design that are ahead of the industry in technology.

Along with our Flex2® tree, we do our own tree fit research by fitting hundreds of horses annually. We use that knowledge to develop wood trees that fit many horses well. This passion has led us to educate riders because when they are aware of good saddle fit, their horses receive a comfortable ride which leads to better performance.