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APEX Limited Edition Desert Roper

Sku: 37030-LE5

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The APEX Limited Edition Performance Pads from Reinsman are the perfect choice for a saddle pad that stands out from the crowd. Crafted with our APEX wool and designed with comfort for both horse and rider in mind, our pads deliver superior protection without compromising on style. Featuring bold colors and stylish accents, it's no wonder why the APEX Limited Edition Performance Pads are must-haves among serious riders everywhere. The quality and value of this fantastic saddle pad make it a great choice. Get yours today!

• For the competitive rider
• A horse that is asked to spend additional hours saddled
• Any discipline where additional shock absorption and comfort are needed

• Our APEX wool is 100% steam-pressed and does not contain any synthetic fibers.
• Wool is a natural fiber that naturally wicks moisture away from the horse.
• The contoured spine distributes weight evenly and provides superior shock absorption.
• Wither relief creates more clearance in the withers to prevent rubbing. Also, aids in easy carry.
• Available in an array of stylish wear leathers so you can express yourself while providing the best for your horse.

• 30” Length
• 30” Drop
• ¾” Thick
• The contour mimics the natural flow of a horse's topline.
• We fit saddle pads to the horse to flow with the horse, not sit on top of the horse
• Loin relief allows the pad to flex with movement to allow a maximum range of motion

• Pull the pad up 2” into the gullet when saddling for wither comfort and protection
• Make sure your pad is clean before putting it against the horse
• Proper care prevents caked spots of dirt and maintains the integrity of the pad
• Brush away dirt and hair with a soft bristle brush

• 6 Month craftsmanship warranty
• If at any point your pad is showing craftsmanship failures within the warranty period, call our customer service team to receive a prompt repair.
• Craftsmanship failures are not matters that arise after normal wear and tear from continuous use.

Brush away dirt and hair with a soft bristle brush. When wool compacts and sweat and dirt have built up you can wash the pad with water and mild soap. Rinse the pad until the water runs clear with no bubbles. Hang to dry in a natural position, not flat or upside down. Oil wear leathers to extend life.

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