How do I read my saddle’s serial number?

The Serial Number Search is for saddles 2006 and newer.
Format:  There should be two lines of numbers on your serial plate. The top line is the Model Number. The bottom line is the Serial Number and will begin with the year of production.

Model # 1234-5678-90
Serial #  20061234      (This is the number to type in the search below.)

If the search box above does not work the information below breaks down the model number.

Model Number Example: 1234-5678-90
(1234) Model Number
(5)Seat Color/Material:
1-Black/Brown Grainout,  2-Black Suede,  7-Chocolate Suede
(67)Seat Size:  30-13″,  35-13.5″,  40-14″,  45-14.5″,  50-15″,  55-15.5″,  60-16″,  65-16.5″,  70-17″,  75-17.5″,  80-18″
(8)Saddle Color: 1-Tobac,  4-Regular Oil,  6-Antique,  7-Natural,  18-Black
(90)Tree Size:04-Regular Tree (SQHB),  05-Wide Tree (FQHB)     Saddle Fit Guide

*Some model numbers will begin with “SP” in front of the model number and will have an additional digit at the end. This signifies that the saddle was made special and or custom. These numbers do not always work with the serial number search due to their formatting. 

Authentication Certificate

If you would like additional information we do offer an archive search, we’ll provide you a certificate via email and a hardcopy mailed to you, which includes all of the information that we find on the saddle, including the original catalog image and price, along with sizing information and suggested values based on the condition. If our experts are not able to find your saddle in our archive you will not be charged. Here is a link if you would like the Authentication Certificate:

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