Product Questions

How does a mule tree differ from a quarter horse tree?

The difference is in the “rock” of the trees.  The rock is the contour of the bar of the tree, and the back of the horse or mule, from front to back.  Typically, mules have a straight back with very little rock.  They inherit this conformation trait from their donkey parent.  Horses have more contour or sway in their back when compared to a mule.  Horses can range from straight-backed (some may use mule trees) to extreme rock (swaybacked).

What seat size do I need?

Seat size is highly subjective and depends on your height, weight, body type, type of saddle, riding discipline, and personal preference. We always recommend a little extra room in the seat over a seat that’s too snug. For more information, click Read More.

How do I use the ErgoBalance™ Stirrups?

Tucker created the ErgoBalance™ stirrup (EBS) design as added comfort for your saddle. What makes these stirrups so great is the angled cone which helps keep a rider balanced in the saddle and decreases knee and ankle fatigue. The large end of the cone goes towards the horse. Read more for an image.

What is DURAhide?

DURAhide™ is a polyurea elastomer that is specifically formulated as a high-performance coating designed to prevent corrosion, abrasion, weather, and wear. This material is not only an effective sealer but also adds strength to your tree. DURAhide™ carries a tensile strength of 2300-2500 lbs psi @ 75F. DURAhide™ withstands temperatures from minus 50 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is the hardware on this breast collar stainless?

Yes, the Maverick Buckstitch breast collar uses stainless steel hardware.

Why does the Authentication Certificate show as Out of Stock?

Great question! Those are made to order so that they have information on your exact model, we do not keep them in stock. Authentication Certificates can still be ordered even though they show as Out of Stock, this generally takes 2-3 business days.

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