Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How should I take care of my High Horse® saddle and tack?

The most important aspect of saddle care is that the life of the leather depends upon the care you give it. Most saddles experience the tough rigors of the environment, and proper care is essential to prolong their life. Leather should be oiled with the best oils and leather conditioners available to you. After you ride, or if your saddle should get wet, clean all leather parts that have been exposed to sweat and moisture, let dry naturally, and oil. Do not use artificial heat or direct sunlight to dry leather or it may become brittle and lose its strength. Leather which has been burned through this process should no longer be used. Saddle care

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What do all the numbers mean on the metal plate on my High Horse® saddle?

The model number is on the top and the serial number is the date code of the saddle. The model number will look something like 1234-1501-04 and the serial number is the date code which will look something like 20101234 where 2010 is the year and 1234 is the saddle’s unique number. If there’s SP in front of the model number that means Special for special makeup.

Here is a guide to the numbering system: example 1234-1501-04
1234= saddle style number
1=seat color: 1-grainout ; 2-black suede ; 7-chocolate suede
50=seat size: 30-13″, 35-13.5″,40-14″,45-14.5″,50-15″,55-15.5″ etc…
1=saddle color: 1-Tobac ; 4-Regular Oil ; 7-Natural ; 18-Black
04=tree code: 04-regular bar ; 05-wide (FQH) bar

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What kind of leather is used to make High Horse® saddles?

High quality vegetable tanned hides are used for High Horse® saddles and tack. These hides provide exceptional quality at an affordable price. Natural range marks, scars and wrinkles confirm the authenticity of the leather and enhance the natural beauty of the product. The beautiful tooling patterns and color finishes are accentuated by the High Horse® leather.

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What kind of warranty do High Horse® saddles have?

High Horse® saddles have a 10-year tree warranty and a one-year parts warranty. Warranty applies to the original purchaser under normal use. Modifications, alterations, or missuse may cause failure of the product and void the warranty. The metal warning plate on the saddles indicates the intended dicipline. Mail-in warranty card or on-line form must be completed for registration. Saddles have a warranty registration card attached which contains a complete explanation of the warranties. Warranty registration

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